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Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis 
by Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman

Discover to Deliver shows you how to deliver high-valued products. It gives you essential planning and analysis practices you need to build a shared understanding of product needs. The book provides you with an innovative visual language that cuts through jargon to simplify and streamline your Agile/Lean process. 

Discover to Deliver addresses the tough questions faced by today’s business analysts:

  • How do you rapidly discover product requirements and plan for delivering high-value products?  
  • How do business experts, technology specialists, and customers collaborate as partners to explore and evaluate which product options to deliver next? 
  • How do you confirm you’re building the right product in the first place? 
  • How do you incorporate Agile/Lean practices into your daily work?
Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis shows you how to focus on high-value product needs and how to communicate in ways that transcend roles, languages, and cultures. You’ll also learn how to participate in structured conversations that build a shared agreement and understanding of what to build and when to build it.

IIBA members receive a 20% discount when purchasing the book from the Discover to Deliver book site. You also get this added free asset: “Focus Questions for the Structured Conversation” (you’ll land on a page to download this useful tool after purchasing).

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Managing Business Analysts
is a brand new book from International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®). It is full of advice and guidance on how to handle the management of BAs, written from the many different perspectives of business analysis specialists.


Here are just some of the subjects addressed in this book:
  • How do PMs manage BAs? 
  • How do BAs manage BAs? 
  • How do BAs manage when they find themselves responsible for projects? 
  • How do functional or line managers manage BAs?
  • How should we train our BAs? 
  • What does the career ladder for BAs look like?
  • How should BAs be organized in my company?
  • How do I persuade my senior management that BAs bring great value?
This book is a collaborative effort, consisting of the views and contributions of a wide variety of experts in the BA arena. The group’s wide range of backgrounds and subject matter expertise provides a perfect blend of theory and real-world experience. This book will be an excellent resource for you as you manage your way through the world of business analysis.

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Building Business Solutions: Business Analysis with Business Rules
By Ronald G. Ross and Gladys S.W. Lam

This exciting new book will show you how to put the ‘business' into ‘business analysis', how you deliver true value to the business, and what you should be doing before requirements. Finally, there is a practical, proven, innovative guide to building great business solutions. 

IIBA members receive a 20% discount when purchasing the book from http://www.brsolutions.com/bbs. Click here to get your special discount code.


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