Professional Development FAQs

Q. What is Professional Development?
Professional Development is an activity performed to increase your business analysis competencies whether it is to increase your competencies to professionally develop your career, to acquire knowledge to aid your entry or transition into the Business Analysis field, to meet the professional development requirement for ECBA, CCBA® or CBAP®, or to acquire Continuing Developing Units (CDUs) for recertification.
For the initial certification of ECBA, CCBA® or CBAP®, activities must meet the criteria respective to each level, which can be found within the Certification Handbook.
For recertification, the activities must meet the criteria description in the recertification handbook, found within the Recertification webpage.
Q. What value does IIBA endorsement add to a course or webinar?
When a course or webinar is IIBA® endorsed, this means that the course or webinar has been assessed by IIBA and determined to be aligned with the BABOK® Guide Version 3.
In addition, with regards to courses, endorsed courses automatically qualify for the professional development requirement for ECBA, CCBA® and CBAP®, and for CDUs for recertification. With regards to webinars, they automatically qualify for the professional development requirement for only ECBA and for CDUs for recertification.
Q.  Can courses or webinars not endorsed by IIBA be submitted for the ECBA, CCBA® or CBAP® professional development requirement?
For courses or webinars not endorsed by IIBA to qualify for the professional development requirements, they must meet the respective professional development criteria located within the Certification Handbook.
Webinars cannot be submitted for the CCBA® or CBAP® professional development requirement.
Q. I am interested to acquire training, does IIBA provides training or courses?
IIBA itself is not a training provider; However, through the IIBA Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) Program, we endorse courses and webinars delivered by external certified training providers worldwide. These endorsed courses and webinars can be found using a search tool.

These courses can be offered through online, classroom or a combination of both. Cost and/or schedule for these courses and webinars are determined and set by each respective training provider.
If you find a course or webinar which meets your needs, please connect with that respective training provider, whose website addresses can be found within the search tool.
Q. Can IIBA recommend a specific course or training provider which best meets my needs?
While IIBA cannot recommend any specific endorsed course or a specific training provider, we can point you to some resources that can help with your selection.
If you find a course or webinar you are interested in through the search tool and would like to see additional information on that specific training provider, you can refer to the training provider’s description within the alphabetical list at the bottom of the main EEP page.
Q. I’m interested to enter or transition into the Business Analysis field. Do you have any suggestions on courses? 
  • Explore conferences with a Business Analysis focus;
  • Support your local Chapter
  • Connect with other BAs through online support networks (like Linked-in)
  • Become a Member of IIBA to gain access to the library of resources and webinars
  • Attend webinars and listen to podcasts (IIBA offers webinars)
We encourage you to consider obtaining our Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA)
ECBA™ provides individuals with a certificate that recognizes individuals entering the field of business analysis.
This certificate is beneficial to:
  • Individuals entering the BA profession, including:
    • Students enrolled in BA academic programs.
  • New graduates.
  • Professionals in career transition.
  • Functional managers who are not BAs, but manage them.
Additionally, take an endorsed course from a certified training provider; our EEPs offer ECBA prep courses and introduction to business analysis courses also.
For more information, please review the ECBAhandbook. If you have any questions about this certificate, please contact
Another option, is the Academic Certificate or Academic Diploma in Business Analysis.
The Academic Certificate allows individuals to begin to explore and understand answers to questions like what is business analysis and what is a business analyst, while the Academic Diploma is a much deeper immersion into the field.
If you are a potential student/participant and have questions about the IIBA Academic Recognition Program and the institutions that participate in the program, email
Q. Can you help me find training providers in my country? 
On our website, use our search tool to find training providers, and then sort results by location.
Q. I’m looking for support for preparation for the ECBA™ /CCBA® / CBAP® exam. What should I do?
There are a growing number of certified training providers who offer endorsed ECBA, CCBA® and CBAP® exam preparation online, in the classroom and computer-based. You may wish to consider one of these, or join a Chapter, as they have study groups to assist in exam preparation.