Chapter FAQs

Many activities are involved when establishing and maintaining an IIBA® Chapter. These activities include understanding the different roles and responsibilities of the members, arranging a meeting place, drafting bylaws, structuring the Chapter, holding elections, scheduling member meetings, determining attendance fees, etc. These FAQs, accessible via the following links, were created to assist you during Chapter start up and beyond.

Chapter Start-up
Chapter Website and Emails
Corporate Membership
Finding a Chapter / Attending ChapterEvents
Job Postings
Liability / Insurance
Membership and Benefits
Professional Development
Support for Chapters
Growing IIBA
U.S. Legal Requirements

Chapter Start-Up

How do I start a Chapter in my area?

For information on starting a new IIBA Chapter, refer to the IIBA Chapter Start up Tool Kit


What organizations are affiliated with IIBA?

Affiliated sponsors may be found on the Sponsors page of the IIBA website.

Endorsed Education Providers (EEP™) can be found in the Professional Development section under Training.


Chapters need to create their own bylaws that are in accordance with their local jurisdiction, as well as in accordance with the IIBA bylaws.

Chapter Website and Emails

How do we get the Chapter page on the IIBA website updated?

Each Chapter should have a person designated to administer their email accounts and website. That person or another assigned person can maintain the Chapter’s page directly using the Joomla Content Management System (CMS). For more information about Joomla please visit the Chapter Resource page.

Is it possible to create other email addresses related to specific questions our members may have, in particular, abuse, or admin

General email addresses can be created for chapters. Each email address will have its own login account. In addition, each can be set up to forward emails to another address. Please email for more information.

Are there any help or training materials for this email system? I have been able to use basic functions, but it appears to have more features that we are not fully utilizing.

Please ask your webmaster to visit the Joomla tutorial on our website under Chapter Resource page.

Corporate Membership

Please visit the Corporate Membership page for more information. For additional questions please contract


Please visit the Events Calendar for information on upcoming events.

What are the benefits of attending an event?

By attending an event, IIBA members are able to network with other members, gain insight into other industry perspectives, hear industry experts speak, preview vendor tools and much more.


Is there an IIBA policy in effect for Chapter Debit / Credit Cards?

IIBA does not endorse or reject the idea of Debit or Credit cards for the chapters. The decision should be made by the Chapter Board of Directors. All transactions should be processed in accordance with the financial policies of the Chapter and are the responsibility of the Chapter.

Our Chapter would like to be able to accept credit cards. Is this set up by headquarters or does each Chapter have to set it up?

The International headquarters accepts credit cards for amounts due to the International organization. In the future, when headquarters is able to accept membership payments for the chapters, the same rules will apply to these payments. At this time the International organization is not set up to accept credit card payments for the Chapters.

Does each Chapter have to apply for tax status? If so, how do we apply, when should we apply, and what is the cost?

Please visit the IIBA Chapter Policy Manual for more information.

What steps should a Chapter take in setting up their finances?

Please contact your Regional support representative for more information. If you do not know who this is please contact

Finding a Chapter/Attending Chapter Events

How do I find out if there is there a Chapter close to where I live or work?

Check the listing for the region where you live to see the list of chapters. Each chapter maintains its own website. Please remember that all chapters are run by volunteers. Chapter Browse Search

New Chapters are started regularly, so keep checking – or get some people together and start a Chapter in your area!

What does the word “pending” mean beside the Chapter name?

Pending refers to a chapter that is currently in the start-up process and is not a chartered chapter. These chapters are working to create a chapter, and may not have many volunteers helping them. Please note that they may be slow in responding to emails.

Who can I contact regarding a specific Chapter (meeting dates, location, etc.)?

Visit the chapter website in question. Information will be posted about their next event. If you require more information you can find contact information under “About Us” or “Contact Us”. Please remember that all Chapter Board members are volunteers.

How do I join a Chapter?

You will need to be a member of IIBA in order to join a Chapter. To join IIBA please visit the Membership page. Each Chapter has a volunteer in charge of membership. You can get more information about joining a chapter at a meeting, or contact the chapter via email for information on joining. IIBA recommends that Chapters charge a small yearly membership due that is collected by the chapter and helps fund the chapter meetings.

Job Postings

Where can I find job postings?

Job postings are available on the IIBA website in the Careers section.


IIBA holds Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance covering most IIBA chartered chapters. 
If you require a proof of insurance certificate for a chapter event, email with the following information, at least one week prior to the event:
  • Chapter Name 
  • Event name 
  • Location  Address 
  • Date and time 




Our chapter would like to print the IIBA membership and/or Certification brochure(s). Where can we locate these brochures, and can we include our own contact details on them?

IIBA has created two new two brochures for Chapters to print. Visit the Chapter Resource page for more marketing information.

Our chapter is hosting an educational conference. Does IIBA headquarters support this with marketing material?

Depending on the size and nature of the event, IIBA may support your educational conference by providing marketing material. Please contact for more information.


Where can I find IIBA logos?

Chapters are to use their own IIBA Chapter logo for all marketing. Chapters should not be using the IIBA logo for this. If your Board cannot find your logo please contact

How do I correctly use the IIBA logos?

IIBA has created a Standards Manual to guide the creation of products, and marketing and communications materials for International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). Compliance to the standards described in this manual ensures that the distinct brand identity of IIBA is maintained and that a uniform image is presented.

Membership and Benefits

How do I join IIBA?

To become a member of IIBA, visit our Join page or New Member Registration.

Do I have to be a member of IIBA to join a Chapter?

Yes, in order to be a member of a Chapter you must be a member in good standing of IIBA.

What are the benefits of becoming an IIBA member?

For a list of IIBA member benefits, visit the Member Benefits page.

Should we charge membership fees for our Chapter?

Yes, all chapters should be charging a local membership fee. This money is collected by the chapter to assist in chapter funding. Currently most chapters are charging between $25 to $50 USD per year to be a member of a local chapter.

Our bylaws state that each local Chapter member must also be an IIBA member in good standing. Presently we ask for IIBA member ID for validation. How can we validate the membership IDs?

For now you should continue using the IIBA member ID for validation. Members can print out a copy of their IIBA membership card from the website and show it as proof of membership.

How can our Chapter get a list of IIBA members in good standing?

By following the steps below, a list of IIBA members in your area will be provided within a couple of days.

  • Send an email to
  • Ensure that the subject line of the email is "Membership List" and include your chapter name.
  • Identify the criteria for our search, either by country, area code, or zip code (first two digits only).
  • Provide an email address that won’t reject our response as spam. You might use your IIBA email address since corporate accounts frequently do reject messages with attachments.



How are Chapter officers aligned with the International board?

In some instances, Chapter officers align directly with the International board. However, some International level positions are not, and should not be replicated at the chapter level. Positions such as the Vice President of Certification must not be used at the Chapter level to avoid any appearance of impropriety. If you have any questions about specific positions, please discuss them with your Chapter Council Director, or contact

What are the responsibilities of the officers?

Director responsibilities are generally described in the addendum to the bylaws. If you need assistance with delineating roles of specific officers, review the Chapter Policy Manual available on the Chapter Resource page or contact

Who do we notify of our chapters' election results?

Complete "Chapter Profile" form and email to


Professional Development

What training seminars can Chapters host?

This policy is to clarify the position of IIBA in regards to training programs and seminars held or hosted by Chapters.

  • No chapter may create and market a training program for business analysis. For purposes of certification, IIBA chapters are separate entities from IIBA. Chapters will not be permitted to participate in the certification process, whether it be creating the certification program, reviewing and approving applications, delivering training or administering the examination.
  • Chapters may run study groups that are designed to allow information sharing.
  • These groups must not promise to prepare the participants to pass the certification exam. Chapters may charge non-members a reasonable fee to attend study groups.
  • Chapters may host training sessions or learning events delivered by Endorsed Education Providers (EEP). Chapters are not to favour one training vendor over another. The presentation must be standard material that is available to the public, but in this instance is held at a venue provided by the chapter. Learning events include training classes, seminars, or workshops.
  • Board members who are also training vendors may not participate in the selection process if their organization is one of the vendors being considered.
  • Any IIBA member who participated in any way in the development of the IIBA certification exam may not participate in any learning event at the chapter level.
  • In all cases, any member of a chapter must allow the request of any training or education provider to be heard by the selection committee. In no instance may a member, be it a board member or committee member, refuse to allow a training or education vendor a fair hearing by the selection committee. A sponsor may not dictate the training policy for the chapter and may not participate in the selection committee, even if they may be a member of the chapter and/or IIBA.
  • Whether the chapter charges an admission fee for any learning event, be it a study group or a seminar by outside training personnel, it has no bearing on the intent of this policy. A chapter may charge admission to defray the costs of the chapter and the event.

Check the Chapter Policy Manual for additional resources.

Will attending Chapter meetings count towards the recertification requirements?

Recertification requirements are discussed on the certification page of this website. Please refer to the Certification page for more information.

Support for Chapters

Regional Calls. Find out about calls your chapter should participate in.

Chapter Resource Page

Your first step when checking for information from IIBA is to look at the Chapter Resource page. It contains a wealth of information including:

  • IIBA Brochures, Business Cards, Corporate Standards
  • Chapter Policy Manual, IIBA Bylaws, Affiliation Agreement
  • Kits to help you with running your chapter, created by other chapters
  • Speaker Database
  • How to get support for your chapter and chapter policies


How much should we charge for a sponsorship with our Chapter?

For more information regarding sponsorship, review the Chapter Policy Manual, and sponsor contract.

Are there any guidelines on Chapter meeting or event sponsorships, outside of the corporate sponsor?

Organizations that provide in-kind contributions, such as meeting facilities and refreshments, printing, etc. are now called Chapter Patrons. Since these contributions are normally one-time events, no formal agreement is required to be signed. Please review the Chapter Policy Manual for more information.

The sponsorship document doesn’t specify how much of the $3000 funds go to IIBA and how much goes to the local Chapter.

All funds are collected by the Chapter and remain with the Chapter. Please refer to the Chapter Policy Manual for the policy and a sample sponsorship agreement.

How is IIBA kept in the loop, especially for sponsorship visibility on the website? Does IIBA have a preferred communication method?

Chapters are responsible for updating their web pages and may recognize their sponsors directly on their website.

What criteria should be used when choosing a Premier Sponsor for our Chapter?

Consider the following aspects of the potential sponsor:

  • A good number of their business analysts are registered at the Chapter or are members of IIBA.
  • The organization is willing to commit time to assisting with the growth of the Chapter to include support at local conferences, speaking engagements, and overall Chapter development.
  • The organization is known locally as a contributor to development of the profession.
  • The organization is prepared to provide sponsorship in-kind.
  • The organization may have representation at the international executive level.
  • The organization is a local company.
  • The organization has the capacity to provide executive-level guest speakers.
  • The organization has the capacity and willingness to provide event facilities.
  • The organization is willing and able to share best practices without risk or liability to their organization.


Growing IIBA

We need your help to grow IIBA. More IIBA members will lead to more chapter members, and increased revenue for your chapter. Here are a few ideas:

BA Connection Newsletter – Invite your colleagues and friends to subscribe to the BA Connection newsletter for free.

IIBA Webinar Series – IIBA hosts members-only webinars and public webinars. The public webinars are a great marketing tool to introduce non-members to the organization. Include a link to the IIBA Webinars page on your Chapter website and invite non-members to attend. And remember that all IIBA webinars are archived, so be sure to watch any you’ve missed.

U.S. Legal Requirements

IIBA Chapters based in the U.S. are to be incorporated.

Because each jurisdiction is different, we recommend you contact your local tax authority and/or accountant.

Further information can be found on the IRS website.