IIBA Chapters

IIBA® Chapters advance the mission and objectives of the organization by promoting professional standards and practices at the local level.

Ongoing professional development is a key benefit of your IIBA Membership and is supported at the Chapter level through activities, meetings, and educational programs.

Joining IIBA shows your commitment to high performance and excellence in the area of business analysis. When you join an IIBA Chapter, you can get even more from your IIBA Membership.

IIBA Chapters are being formed in many cities in Canada, the U.S. and around the world. We encourage our Members to initiate Chapters in their areas to enable networking with fellow BAs from a wide variety of organizations and industries, in a local, face-to-face setting.

Select a region from the Chapters menu at the left and then choose a Chapter for more details about that specific Chapter.

For information on starting a new IIBA Chapter, refer to: IIBA Chapter Start-up Toolkit .

For questions relating to IIBA Chapters please email chapter@iiba.org.

IIBA Chapter Webinars

IIBA Chapter Webinars are intended to build capacity for Chapters in all areas of chapter operations.  Chapter Leaders will benefit from participating in webinars presented by successful Chapters sharing their best practices and learnings, subject matter experts engaged to provide information relevant to running a vibrant Chapter, and IIBA staff keeping Chapters up to date on the latest tools and benefits offered.

IIBA Chapter Webinars

IIBA Webinars

IIBA Webinars have something for everyone - from new business analysis professionals to experienced practitioners; from the person thinking of changing professions to managers of business analysts.

IIBA Chapter Resources

This webpage is for Members only and contains IIBA documents and marketing materials for Chapters.