My Exam Day - CCBA and CBAP

Exam Language

Currently, the exams are solely being offered in English.

Translations of the exam are to come in the future and will be announced on this site.

Exam Attempts

A candidate can only attempt at the exam three times within the one-year period of their application.
There is no wait time between exams attempts; however, you do have to wait 24 hours for IIBA® to receive and upload the results from Prometric.


In order to be admitted to the exam, prior to paying for your exam, please ensure that your IIBA profile name matches your government identification.

Permitted and Prohibited Exam Items


IIBA exams do not have scheduled breaks. Candidates are allowed to take unscheduled/washroom breaks when they feel appropriate, however, the time clock does continue to run and your exam will not stop.

Note Taking

Do not bring your study material or notes inside the examination facility or keep them in your locker.
Each exam currently has a tutorial prior to the exam. It is 15 minutes long with 8 screens.

Note taking is NOT allowed prior to the tutorial until you click "Accept" on both the Confimation and NDA screen. If you do not confirm your name or agree to the NDA within 2 minutes, or if you select NO when prompted, your exam will end and you will be charged $100 USD + tax to reschedule your exam.

Only once the time begins to count down on the tutorial will you be allowed to take notes.
The tutorial will time out after 15 minutes and the exam questions will begin. Once the tutorial page times out, you cannot go back to it.  

Exam Dismissal

If you are dismissed or not admitted to the exam due to one of the following scenarios, you will be required to reschedule your exam at a fee of $100.00 USD (+GST/HST for Canadian Residents). If any of these scenarios occur, please notify the Certification Team as soon as possible.
  1. Your government identification doesn’t meet the requirements or is unacceptable.
  2. If you do not respond within 2 minutes OR you do not agree (i.e. you select NO) with the confirmation screen (to confirm your name and exam), after the proctor logs you onto the computer.
  3. After the exam and name confirmation screen, if you do not respond within 2 minutes OR you do not agree with the Non Disclosure Agreement screen (i.e. you select NO).

Exam Cancellation/Reschedule/Missed or Late Policy

In order to cancel or reschedule your CCBA® or CBAP® exam, click on the ‘Reschedule/Cancel My Test’ button within the Prometric website. 
If you are more than 15 minutes from the schedule start of the exam, you will be refused admission. 

View the full policy.