Frequently Asked Questions About New Certification Program 

New! Certification is changing. IIBA has announced a new multi-level, competency-based certification program, which will be launched in September 2016. Gain access to the latest information. New! Certification is changing. IIBA has announced a new multi-level, competency-based certification program, which will be launched in September 2016. Gain access to the latest information

IIBA® aligns the development and maintenance of globally recognized standards for business analysis and the certification of BA professionals. On November 5, IIBA announced a new multi-level, competency-based certification program, which will be launched in September 2016. The purpose of this document is to help answer any questions that you may have. Over the coming weeks and months, IIBA will provide additional insight on the exciting new certification program.

Why did IIBA enhance its certification program?

We are excited about the changes to our certification program! IIBA continues to uphold the highest standards of practice for the business analysis profession. IIBA is the leading global organization providing networking, learning and resources to the global BA community. The marketplace is changing and our redesigned program builds on the input of our global community, further enabling us to meet the needs of both our BA professionals and employers. It also recognizes the BA professional through their career progression, supporting more opportunities for growth and development. This is an important step in the evolution of recognizing business analysis professionals in today’s marketplace.

How will the multi-level certification impact current CCBA® and CBAP® holders?

Current CCBA® and CBAP® will map to levels 2 and 3 respectively in the multi-level enhanced certification program and, therefore, will not be required to take the levels 2 and 3 exams. These two levels continue to represent the global standard of practice for BA professionals. In addition, we have enhanced the certification program for better alignment with organizational needs, professional development needs, as well as BABOK® Guide v3 and other leading business analysis publications. As a result, the enhanced certification program will elevate the recognition of certification in the BA career progression.

Why is the enhanced certification program competency-based?

The enhanced certification program will assess and measure an individuals’ competencies at any given level thus ensuring the BA professional and employer know what is expected at each level. The competencies provide a clear differentiation between certification levels and enable the BA professional to seek specific learning and development to support them in achieving the desired level.

Why did you redesign the Certification program to create four levels?

The four levels of the certification program recognize the increasing levels of maturity of the BA career progression. The enhanced program encourages BA professionals to seek a career in business analysis with the ability to recognize milestones in their career and map their career alongside the BA certification progression.

BA professionals will now have an opportunity to grow and develop in their profession and to be recognized for that growth and development from the start of their career through to retirement. As a result, this enhanced certification program will provide opportunities where there were previously none.

What are the four levels of the enhanced certification program and how do I know which one I qualify for?

The enhanced certification program consists of:  

  • Level 1 provides individuals with a certificate that recognizes their entry into the BA profession, and will be exam based.
  • Level 2 recognizes BA professionals who have two to three years of business analysis experience. Level 2 will require 3000-4500 hours of experience and is also exam based. Current professionals with their CCBA® designation will be grandfathered into level 2.
  • Level 3 recognizes BA professionals who manage and lead with over 5 years of business analysis experience. Level 3 will require 7,500-10,500 hours of experience and is also exam based. Current professionals with their CBAP® designation will be grandfathered into level 3.
  • Level 4 recognizes BA professionals whose expertise in the BA field is well sought after, have over 10 years of business analysis experience, are industry thought leaders, give back to the community and contribute to the evolution of the BA practice. Level 4 will require a minimum of 15,000 hours, and is assessment based.

How will the enhanced certification program support our alliances with other associations?

Our enhanced certification program offers a flexible structure that enables the alignment with other organizations in our global community that offer complementary services that support the BA professional career progression.

When will the enhanced certification program be available?

The enhanced certification program will be available in September 2016.

You are currently calling the new certification program by numeric levels; will these levels have new names?

The levels are place holders for the time being. The final naming of the levels will be announced at a later date once we have reviewed options with our community.

Will recertification be a requirement of the enhanced program?

Yes, recertification will be required. There may be some minor changes for recertification that will be communicated when the details are finalized.

Should I wait for the new exams to seek IIBA certification?

There is no reason to wait to achieve IIBA certification. If you are ready to apply and take the current exams, we encourage you to do so at any time that is best suited with your schedule. The current designations will then be mapped to the new levels after the new, enhanced program is launched.

Will the current version of the exams be run in parallel with the new exams before the current ones are removed?

No, once the new exams are ready for launch, they will replace the current version of the exams.

What if I applied and was approved to take the current version of the exam and haven’t passed it yet when the new exams cut over in September?

You will be required to prepare for and take the new version of the exams once the cut over has occurred.

Will the online application process for certification be updated as well?

Yes, a revised and simplified application process will be established to reflect the different levels of certification with the enhanced program.

Are the eligibility requirements for level 2 and 3 certification changing?

There may be slight changes to the eligibility requirements to ensure the redesigned program truly reflects the maturity levels along the BA career progression.

Are the exams for level 2 and 3 changing?

Yes, the exams for level 2 and 3 are changing to reflect the enhanced certification program.

What if I have started the current online application and have not submitted it when the revised online applications launch?

IIBA will notify all applicants in the process of applying in advance as to the date they have to submit their current application in order to avoid having to start over with the new online application.

When can I expect to receive more information on the details of the finalized enhanced program?

IIBA will be communicating regularly with its stakeholders regarding the progress of this initiative and providing additional information, as it becomes available.

What happens with the Chapter study groups?

More information will be forthcoming to the Chapters who offer study groups on aligning them to the revised framework and to BABOK® Guide v3.

What happens to the courses/programs that are currently endorsed via the EEP program?

All endorsed courses will need to be updated to ensure they are aligned to the revised framework including alignment to BABOK® Guide v3.

What is the EEP process for ensuring alignment to the enhanced certification program?

For endorsed courses that are NOT certification exam preparation courses, EEPs must complete the BABOK® Guide v3 Compliance Statement confirming their endorsed courses have been aligned to the BABOK® Guide v3 and can do so at any time.

For any new courses that EEPs offer that have not been endorsed to date, EEPs must follow the standard endorsement process. For endorsed courses that ARE considered certification exam preparation courses, more information will be communicated to the EEPs of these endorsed courses to ensure alignment not only to  BABOK® Guide v3 but also to the redesigned framework including levels and exam blueprints.

How much lead time will EEPs have to update their courseware prior to exam launch?

The required information will be available to EEPs by end of June 2016.

What happens with the Academic Recognition certificate and diploma programs?

More information will be forthcoming to the Academic Members who participate in the recognition program on aligning their programs to the revised framework and BABOK® Guide v3.