New BA Competency-Based Certification Framework- Coming September 2016

IMPORTANT - SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE - Impacts to Your Certification Online Application

Please be advised that, as of midnight September 27th Eastern Time, access to the current versions of the Certification Online Applications will be removed.  If you wish to submit your in progress application before we move to the new online applications, you must complete and submit before midnight on September 27th.  
Additionally, the IIBA portal and access to Member pages will be down for scheduled maintenance on September 29, 2016 beginning at 3:00am Eastern Time. We are upgrading our site to provide superior service and usability.

To meet the growing demands of the global marketplace in the field of business analysis, IIBA® has actively engaged our community in developing our new BA Gold Standard Certification framework. The result? An enhanced, multi-level certification program that recognizes your knowledge and skills, and supports your lifelong BA career progression. Under the new framework, the four levels each have their own experience, professional development and other eligibility requirements as well as a competency-based assessment. 


Please note: 
Current exams for CCBA® and CBAP® are aligned to v2 of BABOK® Guide and will only be available up to and including September 22, 2016
There will be a blackout period, whereby no IIBA exams, will be offered between September 23 and September 29.

IIBA is proud to announce the new certification pricing

Level Application Fee Exam Fee
Level 1 - ECBA $60 USD $110 USD Members
$235 USD Non Members
Level 2 - CCBA $125 USD $325 USD Members
$450 USD Non Members
Level 3 - CBAP $125 USD $325 USD Members
$450 USD Non Members

In order to ensure that IIBA is aligned with certification best practices, we will be conducting a “passing standard study” with the launch of this new exam. A “passing standard study” is conducted whenever a new exam blueprint is introduced to establish a cut score for passing the exam. The study will allow IIBA to review the impact of the new passing standard based on the exam results prior to releasing final results. Therefore, your final exam results will not be available immediately after writing the exam and will be emailed to you once we have completed this study and within the next few months. As an incentive for the first 200 individuals to write their exams, IIBA is pleased to announce a discount of 50% off of the exam fee. Please note, this is available first-come, first served to the first 200 candidates to take their exam by end of day November 30.  You will be charged the regular exam fee to schedule it and then IIBA will reimburse the discount (by the same method of original payment) following the completion of your exam.

Level 1 Certification Coming Soon to a Computer Near You!

IIBA will offer ECBA™ exams via remote online proctoring. This is a first for IIBA, and will allow individuals from around the world to complete their exam online when they want to and where they want to, while being overseen by a third-party individual. 

Next Steps: On September 30 – Register to Take the ECBA™ Exam
Starting on September 30, individuals will be able to apply, pay for and register to write the ECBA™ exam. Keep an eye our website on September 30 for complete details on how to apply. 


If you certified (i.e. passed the exam) based on the current version aligned to BABOK® Guide v2.0, you do not need to recertify before the cutover to the new exams on Sept 30. You can submit and pay for your recertification when it is due. In addition, you will have 1 full 3 year cycle after the new exam launch on Sept 30 before you will need to recertify on the new recertification requirements. 
For example, if you passed the CBAP® or CCBA® exam prior to Sept 30, 2016, you can recertify on the current requirements up to Sept 30, 2019.
New competency-based exams for Level 2 and Level 3 will be available at all test centres that offer IIBA certification exams on September 30, 2016. 

IIBA is pleased to announce the new names of each of the four levels of IIBA Certification.

Level 1
Recognizes individuals entering the field of business analysis.

Level 2
Recognizes BA professionals who have 2-3 years of experience.

Level 3
Recognizes BA professionals who lead and have over 5 years of BA experience.

Level 4 
Recognizes BA professionals who advance the BA profession and have over 10 years of experience.

Preparing for the launch

IIBA is pleased to provide you with a variety of resources in preparation of the upcoming launch: New Level 2 and 3 exam launch date 
  • New competency-based exams for Levels 2 and 3 will be available at all test centres that offer IIBA certification exams on September 30, 2016. 
Last date for BABOK® Guide v2 exam 
  • Current exams for CBAP® and CCBA® are aligned to v2 of BABOK® Guide and will only be available up to and including September 22, 2016.
IIBA will waive the 3-month wait period for current exams 
  • Effective immediately, IIBA is waiving the 3-month wait requirement for those who have not passed the exam aligned to BABOK® Guide v2. This will allow you take the exam twice, if needed, by the end of day on September 22. 
Recertification timelines
  • Current CCBA® and CBAP® certified individuals will be automatically grandfathered to Level 2 and Level 3, respectively, and you are not required to take the new exams. You will be required to recertify as per the current process prior to September 30 and a revised recertification process will be communicated after September 30. 
Apply for Your Certification Now Before the New Program is Available in September 
  • Although the new certification program and the revised certification exams will be available in September 2016, there is no need to wait to become certified. Experience the benefits of certification and obtain your certification now. The current IIBA certification exams are aligned with BABOK® Guide v2 and are available up to and including September 22. All certified practitioners on the current exams will continue to have their credential recognized after the revised certification program is implemented. 
  • Current applicants - If you applied and were approved to take the current exams, you will be able to take the new exams without having to reapply through the new online application. Important: Please remember the date you are registered to take the exam to ensure you prepare for the correct version of the exam!  Additional test spots will be available over the next few months at Prometric test centres that offer the IIBA certification exams up to and including September 22 to meet the increase demand for those planning on taking the current exams.  Spots are filled on a first come first served basis. Learn more about how to apply
Important – There are changes to the Japanese and German Exams 
  • Changes taking place to Japanese and German exams - As of September 22 end of day, Japanese CCBA® and CBAP® exams and, German CBAP® exam currently aligned to v2 of the BABOK® Guide will no longer be available. We will work with the representatives and Chapters of the Japanese and German BA community to determine next steps for translating the new Level 2 and 3 exams, and we will communicate the next steps over the coming months.  
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