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A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide)

IIBA® announces upcoming launch of BABOK® Guide v3 – April 15, 2015

On April 15, 2015, IIBA will release the highly anticipated BABOK® Guide v3.  As the definitive guide and the internationally recognized standard for the business analysis profession, the BABOK® Guide is a comprehensive and essential tool for the practice of business analysis. 

Continue to visit this page frequently to get additional updates on the launch and additional insights on the new BABOK® Guide v3.

BABOK® Guide v3 will provide users with greater value and support as it expands the scope to business analysis beyond information technology projects, and outlines the skills and knowledge professionals need to create better business outcomes and drive business success.

Insights from BABOK® Guide v3

Perspectives describe specialized ways which business analysis professionals provide unique value to the enterprise:

  • Agile
  • Business Intelligence
  • Information Technology
  • Business Architecture
  • Business Process Management
New techniques have been added to the business analysis tool belt.

  • Backlog Management
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Collaborative Games
  • Decision Modelling
  • Financial Analysis
  • Prioritization
  • Process Analysis
  • Reviews
  • Roles and Permission
The Business Analysis Core Concept Model  uses key concepts to define a conceptual framework for business analysis.

  • Change
  • Need
  • Solution
  • Value
  • Stakeholder
  • Context

Bringing Together the Voice of the Community

The BABOK® Guide v3 is the product of a truly global effort that brought together 150 volunteers from 20 countries spanning business analysis professionals from 15 industries. It was led by a nine-member committee of recognized thought leaders in business analysis representing six different countries.

Continue to visit this page frequently to get additional updates on the launch and additional insights on the new BABOK® Guide v3.

BABOK® Guide Translations

The BABOK® Guide v2 has been translated into Japanese, PortugueseGermanFrench and Spanish.  
To purchase a print copy of the German translation of the BABOK® Guide v2 please visit here. The German translation of the BABOK® Guide v2 is not available in PDF form and is not included with IIBA® member benefits. 

BABOK® Guide v2 Purchases

The BABOK® Guide v2 is available in print and PDF form. IIBA® Chapters, Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) vendors, Sponsors, and Corporate Members are entitled to a discount on bulk purchases of the BABOK® Guide v2 from IIBA, in print or PDF. Please contact to place an order.

PDF Version

IIBA Members

As a benefit of membership,IIBA members are entitled to a complimentary copy of the BABOK® Guide v2 PDF for their own personal and professional use. If you are an IIBA member, please click here to download your BABOK® Guide v2 PDF.


Individuals who are not members of IIBA can purchase a copy of the BABOK® Guide v2 PDF for $29.95 USD. Or you can join IIBA and download your complimentary copy once your membership registration is complete.

To join IIBA, visit IIBA Membership.

Purchase your copy of the BABOK® Guide v2 PDF for $29.95. You may use a credit card or your PayPal account to make your purchase. Once you have completed your payment, you will be sent a download link allowing you to access your copy of the PDF. Please note that the link will expire one week after purchase.

*Individuals or organizations located in Canada purchasing IIBA products and services that are subject to GST/HST will be charged the applicable tax rate.

If you have any questions regarding your purchase, please contact

Bulk Purchases

Purchasers of 10 or more copies of the BABOK® Guide v2  PDF will receive a discount on their purchase.

This discount will be automatically calculated and applied when the quantity is entered.

If purchasing for use within an organization, for example, posting the BABOK® Guide v2 on the company intranet, IIBA requires that a license be purchased for each business analysis practitioner who will have access to the BABOK® Guide v2. For more information about licensing agreements and pricing, please contact

PDF Version Pricing

The retail price for a single license is US $29.95. We do offer a discount for volume purchases:

  • 10% for 10-24 licenses
  • 20% for 25-49 licenses
  • 30% for 50-99 licenses
  • 40% for 100-249 licenses
  • 50% for 250+ licenses

BABOK® Guide Print Version

The BABOK® Guide is also available in print from distributors in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Copies can also be ordered directly from IIBA, although a minimum order of 10 copies is required.

Print Version Pricing

The retail price of the BABOK® Guide print version is US $59.95, plus shipping. Please allow 3 weeks for printing and shipping. We do offer a discount for volume purchases:
  • 20% for 10-24 copies
  • 30% for 25-99 copies
  • 35% for 100-499 copies
  • 37% for 500+ copies
Unfortunately, IIBA cannot presently process individual orders. Individual copies can be purchased through:

United Kingdom: 
United States:

Copies may also be available through other online retailers and in bookstores. Purchasers outside of North America and Europe may wish to order from the Book Depository, which offers free shipping worldwide. The retail price is $59.95 USD, $69.95 CAD, or €44.95.

BABOK® Guide Online edition

The BABOK® Guide Online is A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide) Version 2 in its entirety presented for online use. 
With BABOK® Guide Online, this is the first time the Introduction and Glossary have been made available to the public free of charge. 
The remainder of the BABOK® Guide is available to IIBA® members only.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the copyright status of the BABOK® Guide ?

The terms "Business Analysis Body of Knowledge®" and "BABOK® Guide" are registered trademarks of IIBA®. The BABOK® Guide document is copyrighted by IIBA. If you wish to excerpt content from it, you must contact IIBA for permission. Please email with a complete description of the intended usage, including a listing of all sections or content you wish to excerpt.

May I print a copy of the BABOK® Guide for personal or professional use?

IIBA members, or purchasers of the BABOK® Guide PDF version, may print copies of the BABOK® Guide for their own use.

If you have any questions or concerns about the BABOK® Guide, please contact