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iRise is a software and services company that provides a visualization platform for all stakeholders participating in application development. iRise empowers businesses to define and deliver better software with simulations that look and feel like the final application. iRise is the only solution that allows all stakeholders to collaborate in real time, driving consensus and innovation throughout the project. Starting with requirements definition, the iRise visualization process accelerates all phases of the development lifecycle, lowering project cost, risk and rework. With visualization, applications are built right the first time resulting in highly usable products delivered in less time

TopTeam Analyst is a unique Requirements Definition and Requirements Management tool that empowers you with industry-leading techniques to help you bridge the communication gap between business and IT and that helps cut project costs by reducing project rework. 

With over 500 organizations in 51 countries using TopTeam Analyst and Visual Use Case, TechnoSolutions is a leading provider of Requirements Definition and Requirements Management tools that help you leverage industry best practices such as - Use Case Scenarios, User Stories, Automatic Text-to-Diagram Conversion, Automatic Test Case Generation, Business Process Modeling, Screen Mockups, Application Simulation and End-to-End Traceability. Free Trial at: Call: +1-360-260-071

Blueprint develops requirements definition and management (RDM) software that is purpose-built to resolve the error and inefficiencies encountered in RDM today. Blueprint v5 solves many of the time-consuming, costly, error-prone elements of defining requirements, resulting in better business applications.

Blueprint transforms the business-IT relationship into a visual, engaging collaboration – reducing ambiguity, miscommunication and risk. For Blueprint customers, the requirements lifecycle becomes a process where clear strategy, sound decisions, and quality outcomes are the norm. This in turn leads to more predictable budgets, greater transparency, faster-time-to market, and far less rework along the way. Headquartered in Toronto, Blueprint has global sales, operations and partner presence. Visit